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Usana ® Health Sciences is a Health and Wellness supplement manufacturer and man, are there plenty of those! You are about to find out what this is all about.

This company makes the claim that they produce the “highest quality nutritional and personal care products.” That is not a unique claim, it is the same as all others. I am not saying that the products are no good, because they are very good, it is the competition that is overwhelming.

Usana ® makes various supplements that are meant to optimize health and provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Some of these products are said to provide various health benefits as well as provide weight loss. And so do products sold by countless other companies, health food stores, vitaming stores, drug stores, and pharmacies.

The Usana ® business opportunity is formatted in a Binary(two legged) structure. This means that there are certain requirements in terms of equaling out the two legs BEFORE you can make any money. From experience, this is no easy thing to do. This company has been around for quite some time, but it is a fact that a Binary structure has a high rate of failure.

Typically, individuals even out the two legs by buying the products themselves, in the case of Usana ® these purchases are called BV. 1000BV runs around $1200-$1200/MONTH! If you have 500BV for each leg, you should make about $100. This is a lot of money going out to make a small amount of money.

The products are good, but with the amount of competition and work that is involved this makes Usana ® a difficult proposition!


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