Urban Nutrition

Urban Nutrition is a company driven by Medical doctor, and scientist, Dr Hans A. Nieper of Hanover, Germany. He has been working in the field of preparation of patented formulations of nutrition for the urban population. Since it is this population that is subjected to stress and pollution more than the rural population.

Urban Nutrition Inc (UNI) was established in March 2001 to make a web presence for their products.

Apart from the above specialty of formulations, there are some more advantages of UNI.

• Products, that give immediate results.

• Re-order rate or repeat customers are more.

• Very good customer service.

• Knowledgeable Product Specialists.

• Good quality control.

• The products come with a 100% product guarantee.

All UNI products are effective, completely non toxic, and have no side effects at all. These products adhere to the standards set by NNFA (National Nutritional Foods Association) The product range consists of Serenity a mood enhancer, Longevity with anti-aging substances, Bellaplex for removing wrinkles, Orexis for male sexual enhancement , Orexia for female sexual enhancement, Miracleburn fat-burner, MyDailyDose daily supplement of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants good buy hangover, cat PetChews, Dog PetChews etc.

All these products are available with for high volume purchase discounts. It is here that a business opportunity exists for persons to act as distributor. No customer recommendations are available at the web site of company.

A company called Urban Nutrition, also exists in Seymour Medical Clinic and Medisys Health Group in Vancouver, BC. It is a local service center and specify on their web page that they have no connection with Urban Nutrition Inc USA.

This is not much different than the countless Nutritional MLM’s out there that are offering “unique” products that all seem to have a patent “pending.” This company offers some fine products, but the competition, as well as the time and effort to re-educate people about nutrition, causes me to shy away from this type of opportunity. Experience has shown me that this market can be extremely difficult and frustrating.

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