United First Financial

United First Financial offers a unique opportunity that is appealing on the surface, but would you like to know the whole story?

United First Financial offers, as you know, a Mortgage Reduction Software ( Money Merge Account ) as a product for it's representatives to sell.

You can join this opportunity for around $175 and this gives you the ability to market this software. The software is very good, but it is going to put those who invest into a little more debt with a price tag of $3500, if you finance it, possibly around $4600.

If you participate in the U First Financial opportunity, you will NOT have use of the software unless you purchase it yourself. Even though you will not own it, you will go through A LOT of ongoing training and webinars to learn it.

They are very serious that you know exactly how to use it and you must be certified in order to actually sell it.

There have been some claims that people paid the money and did not even get access to it. They were first told it would be sent to them and then that it was online.

United First Financial is a 2 Up type of compensation plan in which your first two sales, possibly your best prospects, will be split with your sponsor.

Several participants, who definitely believe in the product, and who are SALESMEN, have indicated to me that they find it tough.People are absolutely looking to find ways to save money, but spending $3500, in this economy, is another story.

Undoubtedly, if they do purchase the software and use it, they will see much more than a $3500 benefit, but again they have to come up with the THIRTY FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to get it.

If United First Financial really appeals to you, then go for it, but don't kid yourself. A big ticket sale in this economy will require considerable effort on your part, to say the least.

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