UNIM is another of the multitude of website companies available on the internet today. Offering individuals the opportunity to start an online business through their SmartWebStores.

This company has been associated with other companies doing seminars around the US that offer Home Business Opportunities. They offer websites and customer service that is supposed to help you succeed in an online business. They offer to sell you websites that you in turn may sell to others.

With all of the companies offering inexpensive websites and storefronts, selling an expensive pre-made website might not be so easy.

You could spend thousands of dollars to get involved with this opportunity and find yourself with several expensive websites that you cannot sell. There have also been concerns expressed about the customer service that is offered.

Many times these "turn-key" opportunities are not what people expect, they promise a lot, but seem to fall short. Without a doubt, the internet is a great place to do business and success is surely possible with the right program. We suggest that you are very careful about spending A LOT of money with Unim or any other program when it may not be necessary.

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