TransNet Wireless

Transnet Wireless is one of MANY companies offering the “opportunity” of manging and operating a Public Internet Access Terminal(PIAT). The idea is for you to find some terrific location in a super high traffic area.

It seems like a cool idea. Because it is wireless there can be up to 100 people on at the same time and you get paid for that time and it can be in use 24/7.

Supposedly, all you have to do is find that magic location and put up the money and Transnet Wireless does the rest. This includes providing you with repair and technician contact information and the collection and distribution of YOUR money!

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The operation of such a technically sophisticated machine in a public area could translate into many technical issues which could cause you to lose money due to the time involved.

In theory this seems like it should be a real money maker, but there are ALWAYS more difficulties, problems, and challenges that can come up. The Internet Kiosk business is fraught with problems and many have lost BIG BUCKS.

As with any opportunity, you should check it out thoroughly BEFORE putting your credit, time, and money on the line.

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TransNet Wireless