Don Lapre And "The Greatest Vitamin In The World!"

I was lucky enough to catch the new version of Don Lapre and "The Greatest Vitamin In The World" Infomercial late last night. I did not think it was possible, but Don has actually outhyped his own hype. I'm not sure that "outhyped" is an actual word, but it seemed to fit. There is not much mention of the fact that you will be selling vitamins during the infomercial, but this is another in the long line of his "can't miss" business opportunity offers he has pushed.

What you may not know is that Don Lapre has been around long before "The Greatest Vitamin In The World," offering one "sure thing" after another. He is second only to Kevin(been to prison 3 times)Trudeau, as the king of the info-mercial. His previous offers "could not miss," but unfortuanately they did for just about everybody, but Don!

Maybe Don Lapre really did try to come up with the "Greatest Vitamin In The World," but the name itself is indicative of his over the top, high energy sales pitch. Don't feel bad if it drew you in, he is very good at what he does and has been at it for years.

The thing is that there are HUNDREDS of MLM companies all claiming to have the "world's greatest vitamin" and just like Don, they claim to be able to prove it. Most of them have tons of testimonials to draw on and let's not forget supermarkets and health food stores. My point being that there is A LOT of competition!

Don still talks about his 900 number program, the tiny classified ads system and the reminder service. All of which seemed great and Don Lapre made alot of money, while very few others could make it work!

"The Greatest Vitamin In The World" info-mercial pitches a $35 pricetag. Don may make some money on the sale of the vitamins themselves, but the "business mentoring" that you WILL be asked to buy could cost you thousands.

There are several websites advertising "The Greatest Vitamin In The World" each appearing a little different, but containing much of the same content. Having an original site with your own domain name would be best and that will cost you extra. That is unless you purchase the additional package that will supposedly drive thousands of people to your site, that starts at around $1500! Otherwise you can tell your friends and family, or use his software to make cards and flyers to hand out, but that is not how you make money on the internet.

Don't believe the hype, if it was that easy, Don Lapre would not be trying so hard to make you believe it, asking you to call the 800 number every 20 seconds. The initial $35 is just the tip of the iceberg. Trying to convince you that all you need is a cheesy replicated website is a joke!

There is a much easier way to make money on the internet and you don't have to make flyers or talk to anyone if you don't want to. With the right step-by-step program you can rival the incomes of well paid professionals, but high pressure sales pitches are not what it is all about.

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