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Take the time to read this page and you'll be wealthy because Experts agree that there are four crucial factors that determine whether an opportunity will fail or be a HUGE success. Even if an opportunity only has 3 of these key ingredients, it's chances for success are relatively good, but if it has the Perfect Alignment of all 4 crucial factors it is almost impossible for anyone involved, especially in the beginning, to have anything but extraordinary success. These factors are:

* UNIQUE PRODUCT- In many instances when you hear the word Unique used it is in the context of comparing several things that basically fall into the same category like: "His singing style is unique." There are of course many "singers," so the fact that someone's style is Unique does not mean that he or she is the 'only' singer, just a little different. But Unique can also mean totally original, one of a kind, or nothing else like it!

If an opportunity is totally Unique that means that the product or service offered cannot be found ANYWHERE else and has absolutely NO COMPETITION, giving it what amounts to a Monopoly. Imagine for a moment where Microsoft would be if there was no Apple or where Fedex would be without UPS. Now imagine where you would be if you would have invested in Microsoft in the very beginning, and they NEVER had any competition!

This is exactly where you find yourself right now! There is only ONE major player in the Multi-Billion Dollar Worldwide Greeting Card Business and that is of course, Hallmark. A few other companies have a miniscule fraction of the market share, but they will never come close to Hallmark, why? You got it, they are not Unique!

But now enters a new player in this HUGE Global Industry and one that offers something totally Unique. A way for people to take advantage of something they WILL do on an enormous scale anyway, but adds state-of-the-art technology that makes it much more conveinient, MUCH less time consuming, and WAY less expensive! Does FEDEX ring any bells?

* Unduplicatable Technology- The predominant factor in this equation is MONEY! The only player in this game that could possibly come up with the money is Hallmark. It is pretty expensive to build a computer that is so Gigantic that it has a Door leading into it that allows several people to enter and has a built in air-conditioning system to keep it cool. Being so powerful that it can upload a Database of 240,000 people, including all of their personal information in 3 minutes.

Now multiply that computer by 4 locations in the United States plus Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore. Soon to be in Spanish, all of South America, Germany, and Japan! That might take a little money, don't you think?

* High Demand-Is the product or service that an opportunity offers needed by people and would it be used by those people if they new about it? Ask yourself this: Have I ever been in a Super Market or Drug Store that did not have an isle totally dedicated to Greeting Cards? Have you ever scrambled to get Holiday Cards in the mail only to find that they were still 5 days late? Did you realize that Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Agents, Car Dealerships, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Small Business Owners etc., LIVE on repeat customers and referrals, but they do not have the money or the TIME to have personal contact with their customers at least 4 times a year?

This regular personal contact, as any successful business person such as Zig Ziglar, Donald Trump or Martha Stewart, will tell you is a main reason for their success. Oh, and just out of curiosity, have you ever been to one of the thousands of Hallmark Stores? They sell a few cards in those stores too!

* Perfect Distribution Method-This is absolutely crucial. I don't care if you sell sex in a bottle for a penny, if you cannot market properly or reach your target market, you won't make a dime. Huge Billion Dollar companies spend Hundreds of Millions of Dollars trying to create that "warm and fuzzy" feeling and tie their name to an emotion. They focus their messages on the "common man" trying to appeal to the masses as "one of them." Finish this statement: "Like a Good Neighbor______ is there," see what I mean?

In the entire history of capitalism it has been accepted that the best form of advertising is word of mouth, nothing beats it. Madison Avenue knows it, so they actually have commercials showing people telling each other about products and services in an attempt to recreate the power of Word of Mouth.

Hallmark tried to create the exact same service that you read about in "The Answer", but their marketing and distribution was all wrong. Besides the fact that they could not perfect the technology, they tried to market to the masses by spending Millions and it was a total failure. They blew $50 Million and ended up scrapping the Internet Paper Greeting Card program. On the other hand, the Greeting Card Company that is providing you with this opportunity has been williing to give the money to the people just for sharing this with others and their profits have grown from 2 Million to 40 Million in 3 YEARS and they have never spent a DIME on mass media!

It is this phenominal success and distribution method that is providing you with the best opportunity to be wealthy that you may ever see in your lifetime. Right NOW there is about 1/10 of 1/100,000th (if there is such a small number) of the world's population that has ever even heard of this Greeting Card Company, yet their profits have grown 2000% in 3 years. Hallmark won't even know what's happening until it is to late. Within the next 2-3 years this little Greeting Card company will be a Household Name and quite frankly, unless you are crazy, you should come along for the ride!

There is no excuse: you can't say: "I didn't know who to talk to!" There is truly no one, individual or business, that would not take advantage of this service if they just knew it existed.

You won't be able to tell you family: "I didn't have time!" The process of introducing this to others is practically 100% Automated.

And don't even try to say: "I didn't realize that it would be so big!" I have done everything I could to inform you, the Greeting Card Business has been HUGE long before you were a gleam in your Daddy's eye, and it is universally accepted, in every culture, that Greeting Cards have ALWAYS been the primary way to show love and appreciation(or at least as far back as ancient Egypt).

Totally Unique Product + Unduplicatable Technology + Incredible Demand + Perfect Distribution Method = A LOT OF PEOPLE MAKING A LOT of MONEY for doing nothing more than being in the RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME and being smart enough to recognize it!

If you have ever dreamed of your ship coming in, this is about as close as you will come!

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Why would you let this slip through your fingers?

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