The Overnight Cash System / TOCS

TOCS / The Overnight Cash System is just one more of the ENDLESS number of Cash Gifting Programs that have come and GONE over the years. You're about to learn what you REALLY Need to Know BEFORE you jump off this cliff. If you decide not to read this whole page, you will only have yourself to blame!

First things first, Cash Gifting is NOT new. There have been inumerable programs started up and SHUT DOWN over the years.

I have gotten SO many calls and emails from people who never made a dime from Hyped Up "you don't have to do anything, but roll in the money" programs like this, it would make your head spin.

It's always the same sappy "law of reciprocity, reap what you sow, and it's better to give" type statements used in conjuction with plain old Pyramid Style Cash Gifting.

Regardless of what the Good Ole Boy from TOCS says, you ARE going to have to market this BIG TIME. Why would they give you a Marketing Website, Marketing Tools, and Marketing Methods in your "Back Office" if you didn't!

If I had just one PENNY for everyone that has called me and asked "how do I market my AUTOMATED Marketing System?" I'd be Bill Gates!

TOCS is a 1UP style program, meaning that you will make nothing from the first person you "track down" who is willing to ACTUALLY subject themselves to this. Overnight Cash System has 5 levels, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000! Where you choose to participate should be a direct function of how much you are willing to LOOSE.

The Overnight Cash System has the very same pitch used by the many Gifting Programs that have come and GONE in years past. You are supposed to bring prospects to a recruiting call and the third party verification endeavors to convince them to give up their CASH!

The whole rationale for the alleged legitimacy of TOCS is "The Gifting Law." This obscure law was initially passed to benefit Mega Wealthy Individuals. By allowing them to give a "before tax gift," up to $10,000, to members of their FAMILY. Not Joe Shmoe in Cleveland!

There is typically no product or service transferred and if there is, it is of little or no value, and ONLY serves as an attempt to have this appear less shady.

I KNOW all about losing money in Cash Gifting and without exception, EVERY program goes bust or gets slammed shut. If you think the people who will be doing the "slamming" will take kindly to your participation in TOCS, think again!

Those programs that survive for any length of time are very low profile and rely on the fact that greedy people or someone who gets popped won't put a kink in it. To get involved in a program like The Overnight Cash System, so openly publicized on THE INTERNET, is BEGGING for trouble that you DO NOT WANT!

Those friendly Agencies that are looking for programs that don't "render Caesar's things to Caesar" are absolutely having a field day with things like TOCS and the people involved.

Quite honestly, it's hard to believe that people are brazenly advertising The Overnight Cash System on the internet. The MAIN worry of programs in the past (that were shut down anyway) was being EXTREMELY careful that "you know who" (IRS,FTC) didn't find out about it. Pushing it openly on the Internet is foolhearty.

If the program is uncovered and it goes, so does your money, NO EXCEPTIONS. If and when that happens, "tax evasion" will be a prominent topic in further discussions with the nice Government People.

I am in the business of watching out for you, but you also have to use some common sense. You CAN make a nice income on the internet if you learn how this BUSINESS works. TOCS is not a Business, it's a pie-in-the-sky, flash-in-the-pan that will have you chewing your fingernails to the quick!

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