Tellman Knudson / List Building

Tellman Knudson gives the impression of being a stand up guy who’s main concern Is your success. I wanted to inform you about Tellman, so I joined it.

I would advise you to read this whole page or you’ll only have yourself to blame!

I have been in this business for a long time and I have a large list, so I know how Important it is. I also know that there are endless numbers of experts claiming that they can help you build one in Record Time.

Tellman Knudson has a Weight Loss Website and also a website about Neuro Linquistic Programming (Hypnotism). He claims to be an expert Hypnotist and offers some of these techniques as features of the List Building Club (hypnotize for success).

I was bombarded by emails, promising how great this program is, they claim to have “500 testimonials,” but many of them are duplicates and show how inexperienced most of the participants are. Anyway, I joined to check it out and here is what happened:

They did immediately send me several emails with my receipt and told me that their “friendly” customer service is always there to help. Great, they sent me my username and password, saying that it was my email address for both. Well guess what, it wouldn’t take all of the letters in my email address. I couldn’t get in, right out of the gate!

Sent a support ticket, two days later got an email giving me the exact same username and password, didn’t work. Sent in another ticket, it’s now been four days, no response. In the meantime, I received a call from a salesman trying to sell me expensive mentoring. I was Not Happy and told him "Not a snowballs chance."

Based on what I have seen, this is VERY elementary stuff and it is TOTALLY unnecessary to pay a healthy ongoing cost for this stuff. List building is important, but it takes time and wasting time is what this is all about, so that you will keep paying month after month. You need to be making money along the way and you can do that WHILE you are building a list. As a matter of fact, you want to build a list of CUSTOMERS, not just random people.

List building can be explained step by step very quickly and implementing it is not difficult, it is a process not an event. You need to start making money now and Tellman Knudson is an expensive unnecessarily drawn out affair.

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