Survey Money Machines

Survey Money Machine and it’s EXACT counterpart Survey Money MachineS is supposedly run by a woman named Hailey Gates. It makes some pretty outrageous claims, now it’s your turn to find out if it will ACTUALLY make YOU money.

I say “supposedly” run by Hailey Gates because there are SO MANY websites out on the internet using fake female names that it would be shocking if this was a real person. Apparently, these creatures seem to think that people are more trusting if it is a woman and so they just MAKE UP names.

When you sign up for SurveyMoneyMachine or MachineS, whichever, you get the list of companies that offer these “high paying surveys” and you are supposed to sign up with 15 or 20 of them. You will also be emailed a couple of links a day to sign up with more companies and the rationale is that the more you sign up with, the more money you will make.

Survey Money Machine does have a statement about WHY they would do this for free that states they are paid a “stipend” (sorry, I don’t know what that even means), but apparently it is a commission from some of these companies. There is nothing wrong with this, since what “Hailey” provides is free, but is it?

The reality is that you will be asked to spend some money along the way, but the thing that you will REALLY spend is TIME. These survey deals take A LOT of time just to find some sort of survey that will pay you even a paltry sum of money.

It is honest of Survey Money Machines to say “you will not be rich over night,” but that is a HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT. To find surveys to do, then take them, and then ACTUALLY get paid is a major league time consuming monster and to call this a “Job” is laughable.

So all in all is SurveyMoneyMachines a scam? No.

If you want to spend TONS of time trying to compete with the other tens, upon tens, upon tens, of thousands of other people out there trying to take these same Survey Money Machine deals (not to mention the 100’s of other survey “offer sites”) and make peanuts, go for it!

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