Studio Traffic was started by John Horan in 2003. Before that, he was operating StudioWalker.COM. It provided web hosting, programming, web designing, and online business packages.

Studio Traffic is a program that will pay you to view advertisers websites on a rotating basis. The idea is that you can earn money to surf the internet, sort of!

When you sign up they will give you a "Free $10 Dollar Account Level" Then, when you want to make some money you open up a new SurfSTV window and watch advertisers websites on a 20 second rotating basis.

There is pre-determined number of these "advertisements" you must watch to receive a whopping 1% credit based on YOUR ACCOUNT LEVEL. In other words, you must put in more money to increase your account level.

That means if your account level is $10 you will be credited with a whole $0.10 per day for an HOUR of your time! Now you can use SurfSTV as long as you wish per day, but the amount you earn is based on your membership level. The levels are: $100, $1000, $5000, $10,000, and $15000.

These are amounts that YOU must give StudioTraffic, to be able to earn the 1% per day for watching the rotating ads. To make $150 per day you will need to be at the $15,000 dollar level!

This is a dual pay to surf program, you pay them A LOT and they pay you a little. You can also earn credits which allow you to advertise your own site. So, with enough credits you will be able to advertise your site to people who are watching SurfSTv mainly to earn money for themselves.

These are definitely not targeted customers eager to buy. How much of the money they will spend with you depends on how captivating your ad can be in 20 seconds.

You can reinvest your earnings to move to the higher levels in Studio Traffic and thereby increase your 1% earnings per day. That will take you quite a while to get up to the $15,000 dollar level, which is obviously where the most money is made. If you decide to invest the $15,000 right up front, be prepared to spend about 3 and a half months to break even. Then you will start to make some profit from this program.

One of my serious surfer sources has informed me that Studio Traffic has put a freeze on paying. They will still let you invest, upgrade, and continue to surf, but they have imposed a delay, apparently of several months, on drawing out money.

Be advised that Studiotraffic is based in Panama. The owners state that is due to problems associated with taxes, which does not instill a lot of confidence. They also state that money paid for upgrades to higher levels is non-refundable. If you decide to terminate your membership and you invested into higher and higher levels and decide that you actually need that money, you can't get it.

We see Studio Traffic as a harmless diversion if you do not get carried away, but as far as making serious money on the internet and atracting targeted visitors, we are positive that there are better ways!

If you can follow a proven step-by-step path set up by highly successful internet marketers, you will discover much easier ways to attract TARGETED qualified buyers. If your do it right, you can set up a REAL business without spending much money or time.

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