Streamline Magic / Paul Birdsall

Streamline Magic and Paul Birdsall claim that you get paid, basically, for doing nothing other than joining. Now you are about to find out what the real story is!

The promise of this website is that you will make money in a Network Marketing Company even if you NEVER sponsor anyone. This most definitely is not the first of these "feeder" programs that makes the exact same promise. There is Reverse Funnel, Global Online, PAS, and many others. All of them want you to believe that they have some sort of "magic" system that will do it all for you.

The reality is that they call it Network Marketing for a reason and that is because you need to Network. Paul Birdsall and the Streamline Magic System is simply stacking people underneath each other, which is the LAST thing you want to do. In other words, you pay a fee to join the Streamline Magic Scheme, pay the ongoing monthly fee, and you also have to join Shaklee for about $340 and order more from them every month.

Paul Birdsall is then in control of where you are placed in the downline. You might make a little something when people join, but then your income is dependent on these people continuing to purchase products every month, just like you will be required to do. If your lucky, you might receive a bonus check for volume IF people below you bring in others that buy product. And that is a big IF!

My sources that have joined Paul Birdsall and Streamline Magic said that they never made a dime, but they were required to pay $29 a month and buy products from Shaklee. They experienced a lot of confusion and were never sure who their sponsor was and even when they did, they could never get a call back from them. just another example of the hyped up "something for nothing" offers that fill the internet. Do you think that you could get someone to go to your job and work for you, then give you the money? Of course not. That doesn't make sense and neither does making money on the internet for doing nothing!

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