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StoresOnline ™ promised us to help us get started in business with a company called Mannatech. We were to pay them 5000.00 for Complete Store Building Software License and Password Fee set up, 6 autoresponders, and 1 online real-time credit card processing license and help at a touch of finger to get us up and going.

We started payments and then the company they chose for us to send money to fraudulently started taking money off my credit card. We called many times to resolve this issue and they wouldn't return our calls. So credit card company said cancel card and don't pay until you get it resolved.

They never would talk to us, we called StoresOnline ™ , no calls back. Finally things just stopped after they threated us a few times with paying more. Then after a year and a half they started up again asking for more money. So we payed in about 2500.00 dollars and have received nothing.

But still getting threats I have know gotten an attorney to see if we can get them off our back. Also everything they gave us was sent back to StoresOnline ™ when we thought this nightmare was over. They didn't care, still threating us and the amount keeps getting higher. Now hopefully the attorney can do something. Stores on Line is nothing but a sham to get peoples money. They do nothing!


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