Stone Evans

Stone Evans has a nice way for inexperienced individuals to start and operate an internet business. It is called the Plug In Profit Site ™ or PIPS program.

After joining the program, a website is put up for you to start promoting, as long as you use a specific hosting company that is a little expensive. As you get interested individuals to come aboard, you will also be creating a passive income by representing several affiliate programs at the same time. These affiliate programs have not varied and are the same original programs that Stone started with a couple of years ago, which does present a bit of a uniqueness problem.

The PIPS affiliate programs are typically free to join and this allows you to build a network of people under you as you promote your site. But a few do cost on a monthly basis and this can get expensive in the beginning, when you are just getting started.

Stone is a consumate writer and has written several articles on the subject of Home Business. This information and what is available through the PIPS website, can be of help to develop your online business and get a start in your Plug In Profit Site ™ business.

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