Stipforp is a global opportunity to help those in MLM succeed and avoid being one of the 98% of the people in the industry who fail. Without a doubt this is a well organized program, but let’s take a look at whether it will make you money.

Unlike all the reviews out there who only objective is to get you to join Stipforp,I am going to give you an objective opinion based on 16 years of experience of succeeding with a Home Business.

Tools are a great thing to have and Stipforp has plenty of them. As you probably already know they offer:

Autoresponders, Video Spokesperson, Flash Movies,Lead Capture pages, Contact Manager, and a few other things. All of which are really pretty standard (except for the video spokesperson that you CAN get for about $10/mnth).

Stipforp makes the statement that they have “no competition” however, that is not an accurate statement. There are other programs designed specifically to help Networkers that actually offer MORE and their useful tools are much more numerous and not quite so standard.

These other programs also offer an affiliate opportunity, but Stipforp is correct in one aspect, the others don’t have the same type compensation or the Pre-Enrollment thing (which certainly is not new), They are just straight up affiliate programs.

The thing is that it comes down to is what it always come down to: TRAFFIC! You are going to have to advertise in a big way. I know that Stipforp has a “Traffic Rotator” thatis part of their leader’s co-ops, which you will have to pay for to participate.

Obviously, you are wanting people that are already in MLM since Stipforp pushes that it’s main purpose is to help people succeed with your “other” program. It does have a compensation plan of it’s own and I am sure that people who don’t have the “other”opportunity would join for that, but it’s very nature limits the people who would be interested.

All that being said, it appears to be a solid program and being geared to help you succeed in MLM, it just might do to some degree. Can you make a lot of money with Stipforp alone, perhaps, but it comes down to leads, leads, leads, and preferably those who are already in a Network Marketing program.

Most Network Marketing companies sort of overload their distributors with training anyway (that is their focus). Do they want any MORE training, maybe, if you can find them and get them to look at Stipforp.

Certainly, the best opportunity to look for is one that does not have ANY limiting factors. Something that it makes no difference whether someone is already in something else or even if they are, they can make money NOW.

In this economy, it is all about making money NOW and that is why many people are trying to find something other than MLM or something to train them on MLM, for that matter.

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