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Stephan Ducharme says the everyone calls him the “free as guru,” because of his ebook “How To Get One Million Visitors To Your Website Without Paying a Dime in Advertising.”

I have ordered and read this ebook and it does have some good information, But it is not information that can’t be had elsewhere. It almost exclusively focuses on the importance of building a large opt-in mailing list and marketing to it. I agree that developing and marketing to your “list” is a very important aspect of internet marketing, but it is hardly the “explosive” secret that he claims it is.

If you do not have a website or a product Stephan suggests that you use his ebook which is a pretty good idea, but you would be much better served to have a site of your own. This is just one of the many aspects of internet marketing that needs to be addressed and this ebook covers none of the others.

Soon after purchasing the ebook, I received a call from these people offering help with my “plan” to be successful on the internet. They offered to help me succeed and wanted a couple thousand dollars to do so.

If you think that this will actually provide you with a magical formula to get all of these visitors, you will be disappointed, but there is some solid information about how to develop you customer list. I personally felt that the price for this information was a little high and that the information could have been presented without so much filler to justify the price.

A more comprehensive internet marketing course would cover this aspect and many others and help you more with the overall picture and details of a successful online business. I have not tried to get a refund for this product, but I understand that those who have are not meeting with much success.

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