Your about to find out what you need to know concerning Before you let them help you “Become An Entrepreneur.”

This is basically a program that is supposed to “educate” you on how to succeed in your own business. The only problem is that YOU must figure out what business that is, Start Up Essentials does not do that. It would seem to me that it is “Essential” to know What Business you’re supposed to apply all of this new found knowledge to!

The main product is an interactive video called “The Journey” and it is supposed to take you through all of the information that will help you be successful in business, except for what business?

“The Journey” is supposed to “Organize, Train, and Equip” you with a foundation for running and succeeding in your own business. I certainly agree that a good foundation is necessary, but if you don’t know what you are going to build on that foundation, it doesn’t do you much good! It’s like quitting your job, spending all of your money on supplies and equipment, getting all prepared to have the adventure of your life in some exotic place, and then realizing you don’t have a clue where you are going! is very similar to other programs out there that basically “put the cart before the horse” and tell you everything you need to do after you already have a business. Learning new “skills that every entrepreneur must have” is all good, if you are going to apply for a job as an entrepreneur, but I doubt you will find many employers offering that position.

They also promise to “Equip” you “at precisely the right time” with a pre-configured laptop, pre-configured for what is the question. They also provide you with a “Virtual Terminal License” and a Merchant Account. Ah ha! Now we are getting down to it! is part of A-1 Leasing and is associated with a company called U S Merchant Systems in Dallas. Their real business is the leasing of credit card processing capabilities to people, so that you will have the ability to accept credit cards on the internet.

There is a Contract involved that commits you to purchase certain things and make regular payments for this service. Yes this program does provide some good “head knowledge” and might give you the motivation to actually try to start a business, but the main objective seems to be for you to pay a lot of money to gain this knowledge and even more to process credit cards.

If you don’t have anything for people to buy and nowhere for them to go to buy it, what good is having the ability to process cards? What you really need is down to earth practical how-to. What product do I have that people will pay money for? How do I find out what product they are looking for? How do I get the product? How do they find out that I offer it? Where do I find these people? How do I set all this up in an inexpensive simple way? All of this you will not find out from

Hopefully, this information will keep you from finding out what one of my sources discovered and that was…“you pay out more than you have a chance to make and when you call for help they don’t give you a straight answer. The cost is far higher and they don’t tell you that until after you agree. At that point they have your cc number and it is to late, they take out the payments every month.”

I am not saying that Start Up Essentials does not have anything to offer, but if you are new to starting a business, especially on the internet, I have tried and tested hundreds of online opportunities and ONLY ONE provides a Rock Solid Income. To see it for yourself Click Here to Our Home Page