Seasilver makes balanced whole food nutrients, like Matrix Aloe Vera™, Sealogica®, Pau D’Arco Herbal Extract, 4 Concentrated Juices (White Grape, Concord Grape, Cranberry and Black Cherry) from extracts of farm/sea/rain forest produce. Some of the products come from captive farms where the in house experts control the quality of produce.

Wellness is a 42 billion industry in USA. The products are popular in various parts of USA and the world. There is a growing market in US and the world for the kind of products that this company produces and there is also a tough competition for the products. Huge discounts for the distributor is the order of the day and profits are also good for the industry.

Marketing of these products is based on MLM and as such, you have a good run if others make effort for you and you are an early bird. Initial profits are in the range of $178 on an investment of $300, a neat 60% profit.

Before you go the whole hog with Seasilver, there is a catch. Beware that they had to return $4.5 million in June 2003 as per directions from FTC and FDA. Products of $7.9 million were seized during raids on Seasilver and its distributors.

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It was alleged that this company was making claims for their products that were not substantiated. In April 2002 FDA had warned that Seasilver had been violating the law with unsustainable claims such as treatment of or reduction of effects of cancer, diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Arthritis, heart diseases and other over 600 ailments.

You are the best judge in this case. If you are only after money, go ahead and take an agency or become a distributor, but later do not say I did not warn you .

Obviously, we believe that the best opportunity available is the internet. If you can follow a simple proven step-by-step system you can soon have a global internet business offering these products or anything you choose.

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