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Scott Edward (who I have never heard of) and his LegitimateBusinessReviews promises to keep you from losing $49, but with his website, you stand to lose much more than that. You’re about to find out the truth. This review is a little long, but well worth it, so read this whole page or you’ll only have yourself to blame!

This website promises to review different home business programs to tell you if theyare scams or not, but it doesn’t. It does not provide a public service like I have been doing for years. If you really believe that this guy reviewed "almost every business out there" where are the reviews? The only ones that could be called "reviews" are of the programs he's selling.

He talks about "slick" webmasters, well I haven't seen anything that tries to convince you of HIS honesty more than this!

Legitimate Business Reviews simply, eventually, after you read a bunch of bull and listen to the audio, leads you to several programs that this Scott Edwards and LegitimateBusinessReviews recommends. Don’t be fooled by the audio, anyone could put that on their website to make it more believable.

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The programs that Scott Edward recommends are:

1) Underground Cash Secret by Michael Vincent. As a matter of fact, I just received an email about this program. To sum it up:It is very difficult and time consuming, dealing with Affiliate Programs and mainly reselling this program. It was reported that they keep on asking for more money.

2) Bryan Wynn and his Millionaire League keeps comparing his "system" to The Rich Jerk Program, but he has 3 techniques that the Rich Jerk doesn't have. Big Deal, The Rich Jerk has been sold to an unbelievable number of people. It tells you what you could do, but not really how to do it.

4) Profit Lance, is a decent program, but again deals with Affiliate Marketing. It used to offer unique techniques, but it also has been sold to a HUGE amount of people. It also tells you the best thing to do is resell. That's been done to death!

5) Six Figure Yearly, basically the same as above!

6) Multiple Streams of Income by Nick Marks. This is the most ridiculous of them all. For several years this guy sold a program called Forex Enterprise, which was a total Joke. The first thing it tried to do was recruit you into a program that cost Thousands of Dollars. Then it gave you tired worn out marketing information, and then tried to sell you another Ebook. This program is undoubtedly a repackage version of that!

Real Estate:

1) Carleton Sheets which is a Real Estate Course and will not make you money. It is expensive because they try to sell you “coaching” that ends up costing you Thousandsof Dollars. You won’t find many, if any, “No Money Down” Real Estate even in a good economy, much less now! I didn’t and I really tried to do it on a couple of different occasions.

If your idea of fun is burning gas spending your weekends driving through neighborhood after neighborhood after another, then this is your program. I don’t recommend it and it IS NOT Free!

2) The next one is Robert Allen. This guy is the original Seminar Guru that lures people to A “Free Seminar” and then Hard Sells you for Thousands as well. Now he is trying to take his show on the Internet. Most of his Real Estate Techniques Don’t Work and I have NEVER talked to ANYONE that made money with his stuff. They did spend a small fortune though and getting a refund from this guy is next to impossible!

Scott Edward, who claims to have helped "Thousands of people make money on the internet," has REALLY kept himself a BIG Secret. That is hard to believe!

The "seven secrets to spotting a scam" report that he offers will simply lead you back to the same products he is offering on his website now or something even more expensive.

The other programs that he speaks of such as: Mystery Shopping, Data Entry, Ebay Success Pack, and Paid Surveys are a COMPLETE waste of time. I do not recommend this website or anything on it!!!

If you are looking to start a business from home, there is no reason to put yourself through this and Max Out your Credit Cards, on programs that do EXACTLY what this guy is saying he is warning you about.

I have tried and tested Hundreds of Opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income. To see it for yourself Click Here

Share your experience with Scott Edward LegitimateBusinessReviews or any of these programs?