Replace Your Job Scam Review

"Replace Your Job" by Kelly Simmons (formerly known as Internet Careers Online)  is again yet ANOTHER in the LONG line of these nonsensical programs, probably, introduced to you by some bogus "news" website or “informational report.” Now you will discover the astonishing TRUTH in this "Replace Your Job" Scam Review.

This is just one of MANY websites that are almost identical to "Replace Your Job" and they all use fictitious names (usually female), stock photos, and the exact same video about the “Cherry Hill Mom that made a go of it.”

The only thing that differs between "Replace Your Job" and all the others is the name. ALL of the, so called experts and case studies are FAKE names of non-existant people, such as: Kelly Simmons, Kelly Scott, Kelly Nelson, Heather Johnson, Kelly Richards Debbie Jones, Mary Stevens, Judy Wilson, Janet Rhodes, Sarah Hunter, Brent Daniels and ALL of the literally hundreds of names these things use.

What "Replace Your Job" wants you to get sucked into is “Link Posting.” It’s all a sham trying to convince you to become an “affiliate” for big companies and get YOU posting ads all over the place.

This “opportunity” is NOT, in any way, affiliated with Google. You’re not actually working “for” these companies, you’re simply begging people to buy products through your “link” hoping that you will make a commission. It’s absurd!

You DO NOT need to pay “Replace Your Job” for this. EVERY company will be more than thrilled to give you an affiliate link for free. Then you will need to  endlessly write and post ads and the ONLY possibility that gives you a snowball's chance on the sun is to use Pay-Per-Click Advertising… meaning YOU pay if / when someone ever clicks on you ad. You are charged when people click on the ad.

This is a GIGANTIC waste of time, effort and money. As I said, this has been around for years and there have been dozens and dozens of these knock-off sites all over the place. And FOR SURE, once you’re suckered in they just keep hitting you up for more and MORE money.

It is just INSULTING how fake the "Replace Your Job" scam and Kelly Simmons truly ARE!

There is absolutely positively no rational earthly reason for you to waste one penny or one more minute on it.

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