Sarah Newman / Scam-Report

Sarah Newman owns a website called, as you probably already know, but now you'll get the WHOLE Story!

Scam-Report is obviously NOT anywhere close to the caliber of the website you are on right now. This website has about 1500 REAL reviews, not copied from someone else as ARE Sarah Newman's. Mainly copied from THIS website.

Sarah Newman is a Joanie-come-lately and this website has been up for YEARS.

ALL of the reviews on this website are verified and based on multiple customer calls and emails. It may sound as though I am a little upset about this woman stealing some of my reviews and I AM!

If she was just trying to stop people from getting involved with scams that's one thing, but she is leading you into them!

The ridiculous programs that she recommends, Penny Stocks, Google Kit, and Partner with Paul are absolutely RIDICULOUS. The ONLY thing that these programs will show you how to do is spend crazy amounts of money. You will have a VERY hard time stopping those charges over and over on your credit card.

You will be VERY well advised not to get involved with ANY of these programs.

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