Sales Genie

Sales Genie is taking you for a ride. Read this whole page and learn the TRUTH!

Sales Genie is a service that you probably heard offered on Talk Radio, through Direct Mail Campaign, or another of the MANY Sales Venues that they use. This is probably the largest Lead Broker there is and now you will find out if it is right for your business!

Sales Genie is a service of InfoUSA out of Omaha, Nebraska and has been around a farely long time. It actually does have a very large customer base and that is somewhat the problem. Regardless of what industry you're in, there is a finite number of people that would be prospects for you.

It is great that Sales Genie offers a lot of leads in a category, but if that category is filled with others buying leads as well, somewhere along the line, they have to over lap.

The leads are housed in a secure Online Contact Manager. This feature aids in Appointment Scheduling, keeping up with daily tasks, and relevant details of each prospect. It also maps location of the contacts and engages a sorter to sort leads in different ways.

In other words, it is a good Organizer and you may find some decent leads out of the deal, but Organizers are a Dime a Dozen and not worth what SalesGenie wants. These leads will not really be Qualified Leads, that is to say, your Sales Staff will be making MANY phone calls (wasting time) and trying to see, what could be, not very qualified people.

Realistically, there is no way that Sales Genie can qualify these leads to to the degree they say, unless you pay a Fortune. How many others are going after the very same prospects?

You know as well as I do that the Best Possible Lead is one that CONTACTS YOU, specifically wanting what you offer and SalesGenie is a FAR CRY from that!

If you are looking to contact a large number of SPECIFIC people, say for a Service Business or any other, Sales Genie will not really doesn't Target Them all that well and charges an arm and a leg to even do that.

Up-to-Date prospects that you can reach with Your Specific Product, based on any criteria that you choose, such as Median Income, a specific area or Zip Code, and other specific information would be impossible with Sales Genie.

Without a doubt, an exclusive FRESH lead that YOU can generate for Next To Nothing is the BEST, what could be better? How about THEM CALLING YOU? Forget about that with SalesGenie!

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