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Saen Higgins or his organization is the topic of this UNSOLICITED email I received Obviously, I must protect the privacy of her email address, but believe me, I've got it.

She is MUCH more that happy to step up and testify!



Subject: Re: Your Website - Info about Saen Higgins. Can you Help Me?

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 12:28:44 -0800


My brother suffered a severe stroke in late September of last year, at the age of 45. This has affected his life greatly (over half of his brain is pretty much dead tissue) and I have been working to help him pay his bills from his account for the past year.

Long story short, he somehow got involved with the Saen Higgins mess (he used to have a real estate license before the stroke), and gave them about $9,000 in late September. I immediately called their customer service and went through many hoops, including getting an official assessment from a Neuropsychologist to show his mental deficits.

Not only did they not do anything about it, but my brother recently informed me that he paid a related company $2,300 to form an LLC in Delaware (which both you and I know is extremely cheap to do).

I’ve been in contact with the California Department of Corporations Investment and Franchise regulation after I filed a report with; they also contacted the BBB on my behalf. Of course, Wealth Without Risk called me trying to chew me out, but I wouldn’t back down.

I’ve been gathering a lot of information about the company, but I was wondering if you had any sources to find out any other actions against Wealth Without Risk, Wealth Systems LLC., or the related companies that the FTC, FBI or Dept of Corporations may be interested in. Even if my brother doesn’t realize he’s being scammed, I’m on a mission: I want to get the word out on this BS company any way I can.

Thanks very much,

Katie Zimmerman


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