Saen Higgins

Saen Higgins is claiming “it’s the LAW” that you have to make a profit (what!?!) and that you will accumulate all this wealth without any risk. You’re about to find out what time it really is, so read this whole page for your own good.

First of all, this “Tax Lien” thing has been done to death. John Beck has been on TV for years making the same kind of big bold claims. John Beck was prominently named in an FTC indictment, along with JEFF PAUL for false and misleading advertising. Saen Higgins was not named in that lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that Jeff Paul is on the hook for about 40 MILLION Dollars and “Mr Tax Lien” John Beck for about 12 MILLION (hello!). These guys fly under the umbrella of one company, that is why they are both named.

The funny thing is that Saen Higgins has the same blond haired buxom beauty on his commercial that Jeff Paul uses. Odd, don’t you think? Does that necessarily mean that he is doing the same thing as these other characters? No. Is it suspicious that he is making the same type of claims and promising that there is no way that you can’t make money, very similar to what they do? YES!

If you have already called to order this then you know that they leave you sitting on the phone while they try to sell you product after product after product. After all these pitches you finally get to the $19.95 book that’s on the infomercial, let’s talk about that…

Do you REALLY think that Saen Higgins is going to give you all of these miraculous secrets for $19.95? You see, the reason that the feds go after these info-mercial things is not for the little up front thing that they sell you, it’s because of the THOUSANDS of dollars that the salesmen (who HAMMER you after you buy) try to up-sell.

If you get involved with this, get ready to be called over and over by so called “coaches” making big promises and asking for a bunch of money. Obviously, they are pretty convincing or people wouldn’t give them that money. Yeah, there is a refund for the paltry little $19.95, but NOT for the thousands.

There are complaints from people getting charged for things they did not order and the “customer service” for Higgins says that there is nothing they can do about it!

Use your noodle on this one. Do you think these people are running these info-mercials and trying SO HARD to convince you that it is “guaranteed by LAW” just to get your little $19.95?

Don’t be one of the HUNDREDS of people that have contacted me, very upset about what has happened to them as a result of ordering from some hyped up info-mercial.

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