Adrian Scott CEO of this networking site started RYZE.COM in 2001. It is worth mentioning that the project started without venture capital backing.

RYZE.COM focuses on social instead of business networking for gaining popularity and growing a business or an interest. For $9.95 you can go for gold memberships and have search capabilities which would allow you to have a focused approach others and form groups in your area of interest.

The first goal for Ryze was to connect its 120,000 registered users for business reasons. The site already has over 250,000 members in 200 countries. It is turning in profits for its owner and members. It has already reached the critical mass and is now on its own.

RYZE.COM is unique in the sense that it is Un-marketing network. It does not focus on marketing, rather it focuses on Un-marketing. Members are encouraged to post useful items to others and this way a group develops and later gets used to sell the ideas and products. For example ''If I meet someone in the music business, I can go through their friend list, and there a probability that some of those people will have some of the same interests that I do.'' A focused approach, is more likely to generate useful business contacts.

Membership on RYZE.COM is free, but when you pay $9.95, you get search capability for your business to grow. $9.95 per month is not a very high price to get a very focused market.

This is a good program for developing contacts that may lead to something over time, but for reaching the masses or making immediate business contacts it may take longer than you would like! Making contacts via the internet is the wave of the future and this activity will yield results down the line. If developing an immediate internet income is your goal, there are faster ways to do it.

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