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Here is another unsolicited email I received on June 15, 2005 about this program:


I hate to admit it, but I fell for the Russ Whitney crap. I am ashamed to tell you how much I paid the mentor and advanced training. Do you know of any recourse I have to get my money back? Has anyone challenged Russ Whitney for a refund and gotten it? I am sure there are thousands of dissatisfied people just like me. I know one of the major news programs aired a short segment on this type of scam. Is it possible to do a class action lawsuit against his company? Is there anything I can do? I would appreciate any advice you have.

Thank You,

Loree Spencer


And Another:

Sunday June 17, 2005


Unfortunately, I am one of many who fell for the deceptive sales pitch at a free seminar I attended for the Russ Whitney Group.

After attending one of these FREE sessions, I purchased the three volume books and tapes home study courses that also included a 3-day live training. Of course, we were all led to believe that after spending $1,000, that we would be able to start our investing. What I got was very little useful information taught by a has-been or wanna-be investor.

The sad thing is that the trainers will try to capitalize on your fears, hopes and dreams to con you and into taking more training. Within 30 minutes after the training stared, we were encouraged to max out credit cards, use home equity lines of credit, borrow money from friends, relatives and neighbors or do what ever it would take to come up with the money by Sunday to pay for more training as an investment in our future.

On the second day of the training, we learned that the Russ Whitney Group offered 8 different training packages that start at a few dimes short of $10,000 up to a few dimes short of $90,000 if we paid full price. However, if we signed up for additional training during this 3-day training for which you have already paid $1,000 we would get a discount. This advanced training would only cost from $8,000 to $59,590.

Remember, "Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me". Well, I decided not to get fooled twice by the Whitney Group.

My advise to anyone that is thinking about taking this type of training is do your homework BEFORE YOU ATTEND ANY "FREE" TRAINING OR PURCHASE ANY PRODUCTS. Check out the Better Business Bureau and look for web sites that rate these trainings.



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