Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson has been around for quite a while and HE has done quite well online, with his and his Entrepreneur Institute. NOW you’ll find out if he will help YOU!

He definitely has built a very large email list over the years and he wears it out. I constantly get emails from this guy selling his products and plenty of other people’s. Which is ok I guess, but it is like he doesn’t REALLY have faith in any of them, he just seems to sell everything that he can get his hands on.

However, I do have a problem with the way Russell Brunson hypes everything and makes some pretty over blown claims. I mean his latest “make 10k BEFORE CHRISTMAS” with “Niche Profit System.”

Come on! The whole “niche” thing has been done to death. There is so much information out on the internet about that and ALL of the programs claim to have some kind of magic formula to do it over night.

If you really want to know the master plan for niche marketing, I wrote an ebook about it 10 years ago and I’ll give it to you for free, just call me.

Brunson also upsells folks like it is going out of style, which is part of the game, but making crazy claims and then hitting people up for a bunch more money certainly isn’t TRULY helping people.

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