Rosalind Gardner

Rosalind Gardner from Canada is a former student of Cory Rudl and she has written a book entitled "The Super Affiliates Handbook." Every bit of information she offers deals exclusively with Affiliate Programs.

Rosalind claims to make Half a Million dollars a year promoting many different affiliate programs. It is her contention that promoting and getting paid by affiliate programs is much better than marketing your own product. I STRONGLY DISAGREE!!!

Although there are some good affiliate programs, there are a host of challenges and problems inherent in only marketing affiliate programs. The biggest is that you have no control over the way the business markets itself and when and how much you get paid! If you want to hand control of you income to someone else, go get a second job!!!

Rosalind Gardner seems like a nice person, but her claim that it is very easy to make money in Affiliate Marketing is WAY over simplified. Now more than ever, people are muddying up the Affiliate Marketing waters. It seems like everyone with an internet connection is trying to promote one. The truth is that the ones that win that game are people that spend HUGE amounts on advertising from the very start!

If Affiliate Marketing is something you want to dare, Rosalind Gardner offers some decent information, but I have tested thousands of home business opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid income. To See Click Here

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