Ron LeGrand

Ron Legrand is another of the sell anything and everything "self-professed" marketing gurus. He sells a real estate course in his "Workshops" and now he is claiming to be an Internet Marketing genius as well. You owe it to yourself to read this whole page to find out the TRUTH!

He has done a variety of pretty catchy info-mercials over the years. His latest uses the smallest identical twins in the world to promote his Over-Priced, Ineffectual Real Estate "Workshops." I am sure Ron LeGrand is very wealthy, how much of that is actually from Real Estate, who knows, but I can assure you, he hasn't made squat from ACTUALLY, Personally doing Internet Marketing. He's an opportunist!

He has now teamed up with Stephen Pierce to promote another Internet Marketing "Opportunity." You probably recieved an email telling you, "crack the secrets for making 7 figures even if you can barely send an email!" Does that REALLY sound believable to you?

The email invites you to a conference call which is like a Pep Rally and it is all designed to get you so excited, you'll loose all sense of reason. What they are trying to sell is a deal that supposedly gives you 12+ "ecommerce" websites and 250 products to sell. This is the exact same nonsense that Jeff Paul, Internet Speedway, StoresOnlne, and MANY others try to pawn off on people.

It may sound like a great and logical deal, BUT all it amounts to is the OLD and TOTALLY OUTDATED Internet Mall concept. This was an antiquated marketing method 10 years ago, but someone new to the Internet would think it makes sense. The websites are Replicated(cookie cutter) and everyone else has the same site and sells the same products. The idea is that IF you get someone to your site, they are bound to by something, right? Wrong!

You will get NO Traffic from the Search Engines because they WILL NOT even Index Replicated Websites. So where do you get this traffic? Well, that is the next thing that they will try to sell you. That traffic will not be Targeted and the people will not even be looking for what you have to offer. Then will come the pitch to let them optimize your website, on and on, more and more money out of your pocket.

The whole idea is to entice inexperienced persons with something that on the surface, looks reasonable. It is a Colossal waste of time and money, and it will not work. In desperation I am sure that there are people that actually pay the $5,000(for starters) that Ron Legrand and Stephen Pierce are asking for this. IT IS COMPLETELY UNECESSARY to spend anything remotely close to this to have a successful Internet Business. Let me tell you why.

Everything that you need to succeed on the internet is readily available and a lot of it is FREE. You can get a website for $5/month and the products that Legrand has are not what makes money on the internet. You would be very surprised how simple it is to make money online, a child could grasp it and easily do it. Of course, you must know how to find and find out what you need and a simple step-by-step guide will set you up.

Ask yourself this, If Ron Legrand could really show you how to make BIG BUCKS with these silly websites, why wouldn't he just put up Hundreds of them himself and make all the money? With his promises of easily making a 6 or 7 figure income, it makes $5,000+ seem like nothing and that is precisely ALL it is designed to do.

I have tried and tested Hundreds of Business Opportunities and wasted Tens of Thousands on things like this and after all of that, ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income. To see it for yourself Click Here

Share your experience with Legrand or anything else?