Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki has some great information in this program. Choose To Be Rich is an excellent overview of the structure and systems someone needs to have in place when a lot of money is made.

He is probably very rich, not only from what he owns, but from the sale of his books, courses, and seminars. This course tells you a lot about how Robert became wealthy and the relationships you should develop with various CPA's, Tax Attourneys, Financial Planners etc. It does NOT however, give specific advice on how the money is actually made. It seems to be more of an attempt to change your mindset in relation to wealth and money.

If you read Mr Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" you will find much repetition in this course. There are quite a number of heart warming stories, interviews with his professionals, and some fine encouragement. If you are looking for a specific method of becoming wealthy he leaves that up to you!

Robert Kiyosaki and Choose To Be Rich are both interesting and engaging and it does open your mind to a new way of thinking, but I found myself waiting for the MEAT of the program and it was never served !

I would recommend this course for an in- depth overview of what needs to be in place, when you figure out how to make a lot money. It will not tell you how to do that!

As a result of ordering the program, Robert Kiyosaki did mail me an invitation to his seminar. At the seminar he promised to tell me some exact methods for making a lot of money. The price tag for that was $4,995!

These "self professed" gurus want you to believe that if you give THEM a large portion of your hard earned money, it will make YOU rich, Robert Kiyosaki is no exception.

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