Robert Allen

Robert Allen and his "Multiple Streams of Internet Income" is another of this guy's attempts to do all and be all to everyone.Now find out if it works!

Robert Allen jumps on every bandwagon that comes along. For years he traveled all around doing hotel seminars and charging people THOUSANDS for his "Real Estate Multiple Streams of Income."

His seminars were a big production that bamboozled A LOT of people into giving this guy A LOT (ridiculous amounts) of money.

Now he is in the internet act and he no more knows about internet marketing than the "man in the moon." What he does know is his same old tricks.

That is, luring you in and then having salesmen BOMBARD you trying to get you to spend THOUSANDS for their "help." Which the DON'T provide!

He puts up some sort of a front man that is supposed to be an expert and then hammers you for big bucks. I'm talking instances of $8,000, $15,000, $20,000 and MORE, these people never got one penny back or made any money.

If you ONLY KNEW how many complaints I have gotten about Robert Allen over the years, it would boggle your mind. I mean it would REALLY boggle your mind as to exactly how he can get away with this.

I recommend NOTHING that has to do with Robert Allen and you can take my advice if you choose, but please don't forget it. Not so that I can say I told you so, but so you will believe me next time!

Don't waste money and time on Robert Allen or you'll end up like the ALL of the people that have contacted me, who have been fried and laid to the side by this sham.

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