RoadMap To Riches

Roadmap to Riches is yet another in the seemingly endless line of "not exactly" Network Marketing Programs to come along. Now you will find out if this will work for you?

There are many similar programs like Liberty Leaque, PAS(shut down by FTC),Passport to Wealth, Emerald Passport, Global Prosperity, etc. Not to mention all the spin-offs set up by people who were once a members of these.

The point is that this is not a new concept no matter what Brian Grant(whoever he is) might claim. Just like MLM companies, there is a new one popping up everyday making bolder claims than the one before it. With all the Cars, Boats, and Mansions, making wild claims, and promising riches overnight.

I believe deep down, you know that is not really true!

I will admit that this is a little better than most 2Up programs because at least they give you a little piece of the first two sales, which most don't, but in these economic times it is tough to find people with $900+

Like all the otherse Road Map To Riches will tell you that they have some kind of "automated system" and maybe even people that will close your sales. The only thing automated about it is the money automatically coming out of your bank account to pay for the "Opportunity Seeker" Leads!

Don't believe these flashy websites with Cars, Boats, and Mansions for doing nothing. If it is so great, why are they trying so hard?

If you have A LOT of time, a great Long Distance Plan, and rejection roles off your back like "water off a duck," then maybe this is for you. One thing I know for sure is that there are much easier ways to make money online than

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