Rick Beneteau

Rick Beneteau is an internet marketer who pushes a method of advertising that stresses the use of free Ezines.

It is Rick's contention that you do not even have to write your own, but that you can use one of the 400,000 ezines or Newsletters that go out on the internet every month. As you can see by the number of ezines in exsistance, you would not be the only one trying this method.

Rick Beneteau says that he uses this method often and it makes his sales shoot up everytime and getting the endorsement of the ezine adds credibility to your product.

This is not an exclusive method invented by him however, many internet marketing "gurus" have been suggesting it for quite some time. This was a terrific advertising method in the beginning, but it has been used so much that the general internet public has somewhat caught onto it.

I do think that he has some good information on internet marketing, but some of his main methods are now becoming a little dated. I would recommend his teachings, but not exclusively, I believe that you should employ other strategies in addition to what this guru suggests.

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