Rich Jerk ™

The Rich Jerk ™ has been around for a LONG Time and I am about to save you a lot of time and money. If you get involved with this before you read this whole page, you only have yourself to blame.

This obnoxious nonsense put out by Kelly Felix aka Rich Jerk ™ has some decent information, but it's not new or unique. When this first came out, there were so many people all of the sudden selling it that the price plummeted and it was yesterday's news.

The main idea behind making money with the Rich Jerk ™ , was to SELL the Rich Jerk ™. Now with so many people looking for a way to make money from home, this has regained popularity. Now let me tell you What AND What Not to expect with this program.

What you can expect with the Rich Jerk is to be contacted over and over by "mentors" (salesmen) that promise to help you get all set up with websites, products, advertising, and everything else you will need to be "rich." Oh, they'll call and call promising the moon and the stars, but asking for everything under the sun.

They'll ask for THOUSANDS of Dollars, and of course, they'll start high and work their way down. You may only end up blowing $5,000 or maybe as little as $2500! Then guess what...

You'll be lucky if you EVER hear from them again!

What you WILL NOT get from Rich Jerk ™ is the whole truth about how simple and inexpensive it REALLY is to make good money online. It's not Rocket Science and everything you need is readily available on the internet dirt cheap, you don't need to "build" anything. Website builders don't make the money, Marketers DO!

You can get nice websites, pre-built for $5/month, great products to offer that cost you nothing, and great advertising for free. There's no Drop Shipping, no Ebay, none of that Hyped up Crap!

Internet Marketing is a Real Business, and as with any Business you need to take a minute to educate yourself on how it REALLY works. Don't waste your time with stuff like the Rich Jerk ™ because he truly is a "Rich Jerk" and he'll get even richer if you fall for this!

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