Rich Dad Poor Dad ™

Rich Dad Poor Dad ™ by Robert Kiyosaki, in his books, tapes, videos and seminars has information would be really good IF someone has already attained a degree of wealth is not sure what to do with the money. It seemed to put the cart before the horse!

Maybe if you develop relationships with several financial professionals as suggested in the all his information, you would find yourself in a better position to become "Rich", but that sure seems like the long way around. I could not figure out where I was suppose to find all this extra time to hang out with people who might help me OR figure out WHY they would help me.

Rich Dad Poor Dad ™ contains a lot of interesting stories and is packed full of encouragement and some VERY general helpful tips. Such as keeping your eyes open for "Great Opportunities" and developing relationships with  accountants, financial planners
and investors etc. That is a good idea for anyone, but I was disappointed that the information did not contain any step-by-step on actually making money.

There have recently been questions about the reality of Rich Dad Poor Dad ™ saga. I have read several articles by people who said they researched the claims made by Robert Kiyosaki, concerning his past. They found some serious contradictions with comments he has made in other places, compared with what he claims in his story.

When pressed he has also stated that Rich Dad is NOT a real person. In various interviews, Mr. Kiyosaki has stated that Rich Dad was dead and has also said that "Rich Dad is a recluse." It's hard to know what to believe!

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Whether this is Real or "Fictionalized for educational purposes," might not make a difference to you, but I was disappointed to hear that. After reading the book and purchasing one of the courses, I was troubled that it may not be based in reality. For me, that took away from the credibility.

The main focus of the information is using Real Estate as a means of creating wealth. Real Estate has certainly proven very good for many, but this book did not offer any step-by-step advice on really how to do that. I was expecting to find out some of "Rich Dad's" practical techniques on attaining and profiting from Real Estate, but I didn't.

Being that I actually purchased some of Robert Kiyosaki's materials, I was obviously on his mailing list and I received an "invitation" to attend a "money making" seminar. This is where I was supposed to find out the "real" secrets to amassing wealth. At that point however, I was not interested in spending the $4000 to attend.

Rich Dad Poor Dad ™ is an interesting book, and the course made me think in a different way about my financial situation, but I was hoping for information that would actually help me make money. It's basically all about money made through Real Estate, but doesn't tell you how to do it, but he sure does ask for A LOT more money!

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