Rich Dad Education / Seminars

Rich Dad Education is something you may be considering, perhaps his "Free" Stock Seminars. Now you will discover what you should expect.

Heaven knows that Robert Kiyosaki is a great marketer and has branded himself big time, but... how, really, can he be an expert on all these different things? Real Estate, Finance, and now Stocks!?

This guy is a seminar machine. You may want to go to the "Free" seminar, but one thing you can be SURE of is that this WILL be a LONG WAY from "free."

Do you really think that he is spending all this money on advertising to give you something for free? Not hardly.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Investing Seminar may give you some information about trading and you may learn a little, but that is just a teaser. He probably is just the front man for some supposed "expert."

At the end, it is 100% certain that they are going to offer the Rich Dad "Coaching." It is also certain that they will be asking you for THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS.

I have experience with Kiyosaki and I am here to tell you that he is a marketing machine. I get letters "inviting" me to this or that, like: The Gold Coast, to learn the real secrets, where they parade all kinds of "experts" out, who ALL try to sell you something else. The cost of that was only $4000 AND I pay the airline ticket, hotel, food, and everything.

Hey, if you want to go to the "Free" Rich Dad Seminar knock yourself out, but obviously you are wanting information about making money in the stock market. Be honest though, NOBODY and that includes REAL experts have no idea what will happen, not a clue and you think Robert Kiyosaki does?

I have done ok in the market, but the money I do it with comes from one place and that is the INTERNET. I know, you've probably seen all these so called internet gurus promising unbelievable amounts of money with a TON of HYPE.

But it really can be done and if it's done right, there is A LOT of money to be made. IF you have someone to guide you through that doesn't hit you for thousands like almost ALL of the "gurus."

It is not rocket science and there is money to be made and a lot of it. This is not rocket science and if you have someone that gives you the REAL step by step, you can do well in a relatively short period of time. You KNOW the internet is where it's at, but you may think that it takes some sort of miracle. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you want some money to invest with or do whatever, if you can find the REAL DEAL money won't ever be a problem and WILL be the best thing you ever learned.

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