Review Crusher

Review Crusher is Mike Filsaime 's newest release and now you are about to find out the Truth!

His Script looks like a great thing and the functionality of the website is what sells it, but the actual succeeding with it is something different entirely. I know, I have been at the top of this game for a LONG TIME! I know first hand what it REALLY takes to compete and WIN!

Here's the thing, Mike sent out, only Heaven knows how many emails, and he is saying that Hundreds of People want to send this offer out to thier "list." This means literally thousands of Rookies with a Credit Card are going to try to do this and guess what? You will have to try to compete with all them!

It is not the easiest thing in the world to do now, but just wait until all these people start muddying up the waters with Of course, Mike is going to show you how to handle that, buying his products and paying him a lot of money!

I don't care how much you pay him or how much content you "buy" you better know what your doing and you better learn it from someone that is a seasoned veteran or you will be spending a lot and making a little. You must know how to best your competition, which you will have an incredible amount of!

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When you have some, share your experience with Review Crusher here!