Renegade Marketer / Ann Seig

Renegade Marketer by Ann Seig is all over the Internet offering her book on succeeding in MLM. Now you will find out if she can truly help you!

Ann does have some decent, but not new, ideas about what you can do to try to make money with your program. Maybe even getting money back from joining.

It is an absolute fact that around 98% of the people that get involved in any MLM program end up not making any money. Ann Seig 's Renegade Marketer is prolonging the reality of this fact.

Unfortunately, EVERYONE that has joined an MLM needs help, so it is a great market for Ann. Also unfortunately, there are factors that make it exceedingly difficult to make money in this industry, even if her "techniques" really worked.

If you are not succeeding in MLM, then Ann has one for you that she is pushing and this is a clever way of recruiting, but here are the reasons that almost everyone fails and what you should TRULY look for in ANY opportunity.

1. COMPETITION - How many other companies are selling the same thing or something very similar to the company you are in or thinking about joining? Don't let blind optimism get the better of you. No matter how much you like the product, if people have other options, especially buying it at the store CHEAPER, you DO NOT have a winner. Renegade Marketer will not help you overcome this GIANT obstacle!

2. Demand - Is there an existing HUGE built in Demand for what you offer? Don't confuse what you may Think people SHOULD want and what the ACTUALLY want. You cannot create your own market and you cannot want it for people more than they want it for themselves.

3. Prohibitive Factors - One of the BIGGEST Problems with any opportunity, but especially MLM is copycatting. Almost all products offered by MLM companies are Private Label Products. This means that another company could buy the same product or something very similar and simply put their own label on it. This makes it very simple for a large influx of competition, all claiming that their product is superior. A real winner is a company that offers something that CAN'T be duplicated because of Technology or the Cost to Compete.

4. Benefit to Customer - Does what your company offer allow your potential customer to do more of what they ALREADY want to do more of, Quicker, Easier, and Cheaper? If it doesn't, they have no real motivation to continue paying for your product or service.

Enthusiasm and Positive Thinking are obviously important in anything you do, but choosing or spending time in a business that doesn't really have the fundementals in place to succeed is a difficult proposition. There is nothing that Ann Seig can tell you that will fix this.

One of the MOST important factors, that needs to stand alone from the list above is, when and why was the company formed? If the company was originally formed as a Business Opportunity, which almost all of them were, there are inherent problems in this.

They are usually very unstable and building on the fly. They frequently, at their discretion, suddenly change the pay plan. AND they look at YOU, the distributor, as their main Profit Center. They require you to continue buying the products each month, whether you are making money or not, just to stay in the deal. Pay for Training, Pay for Websites, Pay for Leads, on and on. Now you want to pay for advice from Ann Seig and Renegade Marketer as well? This means you are throwing money down the drain hoping that your ship will come in. Don't throw good money after bad, MOVE ON!

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