professes to be the answer to all of your marketing needs and that the products and tools that they offer, make your success a sure thing!

The MAIN thing that this company publicizes is just how simple and easy their program is to use and how it almost works all by itself. They claim there is no follow-up necessary for the leads that you receive and they "guarantee" that the leads will be top quality or they will replace them.

Unfortunately, it appears that does not stack up favorably against their claims. Here is an unsolicited email from an actual customer:


I have been looking for a homebased business ever since I had to quit work, due to medical reasons.

I came across and they made a lot of promises about wealth and with no great knowledge of the internet in only a few hours aday. You also had a lot of tools to work with (which half of them did not work well) Money spent on bought leads were suppose to be replaced if e-mail addresses were not good. I spent $94.95 a month and never had one lead replaced. I spent well over $500.00 in this and with their parent company. I did have 6 people in my downline for a month that would do nothing. I Spent a lot of money on office supplies(printer ink and paper)and all they were was a poorly managed company, that got you to sign up to 5 sub companies.

Thank You,



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