Rebate Processing

Rebate Processing is the latest Home Business Craze.

Do you really want to know if you'll be wasting time and money?

Process Rebate opportunities put a different twist on Affiliate Marketing through ClickBank by offering a "Rebate." If they will buy a ClickBank Info Product from you and join the Affiliate Program of the product they just bought.

The main programs are,,, and the biggest scam,, and a TOTALLY Fake Spokeswoman named Angel Stevens, or Angel Stephens depending on the website you are looking at. A close second is another imaginary figure, Angela Penbrook.

The TV show 20\20 just did a feature on Rebate Processing, tracking down Angel Stevens and PROVED that SHE IS NOT EVEN REAL PERSON, she is an Actress that shows up on MANY Websites. I've been saying the same thing for a long time, so I hate to say I told you so!

This is the case with ALL of these Websites!

In theory, this sounds like a clever idea, but the reality of it is much different. All you're really doing is marketing the same ClickBank products that MANY others are selling, but you are offering a "rebate" to buy it through you.

Ok, IF someone ever actually buys something though your link, YOU are then expected to send that person about 40% of YOUR commission, THIS is what they are calling a "rebate." After you send the money to the purchaser you will be left with about $15.

Here is how messed up this really is: in the above scenario you can even end up LOSING Hundreds because IF you ACTUALLY make a sale, you are giving a lot of YOUR commission to the person who bought from you. Now you have spent money for advertising and you are giving away a large chunk of your commission.

Also, ClickBank, the credit card processor for the programs you will be selling, only cuts paychecks twice a month. While you are waiting for your money from ClickBank, you have already SENT almost half the money (that you haven't even received from ClickBank yet) to someone else.

Guess what? They can cancel the purchase, keep your money, AND request a refund. Then you don't get ANYTHING from ClickBank, and you have given away money you don't even have and will NEVER be paid. There is a MUCH better way!

Like many of these "make a fortune from home doing next to nothing" programs, to get started in Processing Rebates is overpriced at $1, much less at between $97 and $197. Then they will have the nerve to try to get you in other programs after that. Rebate Processing is TOTALLY ludicrous!

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