Randy Gage

Randy Gage is becoming well known as a Network Marketing motivator. I personally have no experience with him and I do not know what MLM he was successful with!

The world is already filled with people claiming to be Motivational Speakers, heaven knows we don't need another one!

Many of the people handing out advice offer no proof of success with the advice they give. He has written two books on the subject of succeeding with Network Marketing, so you would have to assume that he has had success with some company, which one seems to be a mystery!

Network Marketing companies are definitely not created equal, what works with one may not necessarily work with another. This is why I am wary of people who give out generalized concepts on how to succeed with MLM.

Randy Gage may be the exception, but I would rather spend my time studying individuals who have made money and are showing how they did it!

Motivation is great, but my question is "motivated for what?" Motivation for the sake of motivation does not have much value to me. Show me a tried and true way to increase my income and I will BE motivated!

If he is not promoting a specific company and is only trying to sell books, I would not consider this a real income opportunity.

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