Rachel Long

Rachel Long is the self-proclaimed "Queen of Internet Marketing" and now you will learn the rest of the story!

Rachel does do very well for HERSELF on the internet by using her email marketing techniques to promote the NUMEROUS programs she is involved with.

Just like you, I get a couple of emails a day from Rachel Long promoting a new program almost every time. Such as: Success University, Pro Builder Plus, My World Plus, and Lawn Chair Millionaire, among MANY others.

All of these programs have very similar formats in that they all invite you to take a "Free Tour" and then you are literally BOMBARDED by emails, some just seconds apart, telling you that you have missed such and such number of people that would have signed up under you.

It is very effective tactic, but these people are mostly takingthe "free tour" just like you did and won't sign up. These programs have an ongoing monthly charge that is almost impossible to stop and the main objective of these programs is to upsell you into several others, with ongoing monthly charges.

Rachel also does lead co-ops where you buy a certain number of shares and you are in the "rotation." The more shares you buy the more you're in the loop.

This may seem great, but it is OK at best. These leads are general "opportunity seekers" and they are not specifically targeted to you or your opportunity at all and in the end...Rachel still retains control of the leads.

Rachel Long started out spending Thousands per week, buying opportunity leads from GetResponse.com. She then used these leads and her Blitz email tactics to get people to join these online MLM's.

As she made money, she bought more leads. Not a bad business model if you have a lot of money, but for the average person, very difficult to pull off!

She writes about making all her money with "ugly websites" and she is right, they are ugly! The reality however is that it was done with the leads that she paid BIG money for. Not duplicatable for most people.

Now she has taken it to a completely new level with the introduction of "SuperChargedLeads.com" This "system" claims that all she has to do is "plug in" any website and that website will see an huge increase in visitors and sales.

It better, because the amounts to get involved with this program are steep. Ranging from the Starter Package at $297/MONTH, to the Gold Standard Package at $997/MONTH!The more money you pay, the more leads SHE buys. She even goes so far as to make Income Claims with each package, which is impossible to predict.

To many people, this program may seem to make sense, but there are variables to succeeding on the internet that this program does not address.

The reality is that Traffic in and of itself is absolutely NO guarantee of success. Throwing a lot of traffic at your site and hoping that it sticks is NOT the best or most lucrative way to go about it.

In the first place, YOU could go buy leads with the money you pay Rachel, but the "leads" won't be targeted either and THAT is the key. The very BEST thing that you can do is generate your own laser targeted leads and forget about paying for them!

The Lead Game is being played by A LOT of different people and A LOT of people think that buying overpriced and mostly questionable leads is the only way to succeed. It's not!

Among other things, you need to know what to offer, how to find people that are ALREADY looking for what you offer, how to get them to you, what to do when they come, and most importantly, how to do all this dirt cheap. It is really quite simple to do.

Making money on the internet is not some over-complicated fantasy, it's a REAL BUSINESS and must be treated as such. Any successful business person, online or off, will tell you that making money is the objective, but keeping overhead LOW is CRUCIAL.

It's great if you can make $100,000, but if it costsyou $99,000 to do it, what's the point?

Don't believe the hype, it takes effort to succeed, but it is A LOT less effort than it takes to pay off your maxed out credit cards from chasing pipe dreams!

I have done VERY well online with an extremely simple concept that is even simpler to implement. To see it for yourself Click Here

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