PRT Travel

Prt Travel is another one of the unbelievable number of "travel opportunities!

There are 10 of these that I can think of right off the bat.

PRT is a multi level marketing company that offers vacation packages and supposed discounts to it's members and retail customers. The problem is that most of the packages can be found by anybody online and usually for less.

There are several levels you can join and I joined at the $300 level. I got a lot of emails, but my upline called me once and I never heard from him again. No help, no suggestions no nothing!

At least I was able to write it off and that was some consolation, but in terms of an opportunity, I would not recommend it. To succeed in network marketing you must have strong support and:

After years of testing MLM companies, I noticed most of them don't generate enough money because they don't have a unique product. After years of research, I finally found the MLM that pays the best and has a unique product that is different from all the rest. Email me at to find out the MLM that beats all others.

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