Project Payday

Project Payday claims to be the answer for the "Average Joe" to make money on the internet. Take a moment and read this whole page and learn the TRUE Story!

ProjectPayday says it's "free" to join IF you can't pay the $34.95 fee. All you have to do for a LifeTime Membership is "complete" one of their Sponsor's "offers." So is it really free?

The idea of is to guide you to websites and forums that will allow you to make money by completing "free offers." You've seen them, "get a free IPod" or "you have just won a free laptop," etc.

Most of these offers require that the people who just "won" convince 5 to 10 other people to also "complete" the same offer. This is where Project Payday comes in.

They are supposed to show you where to find these people that want to pay you. Then all you have to do is "complete" the offer, but wait, there is something they are not telling you.

When you go to "complete" these offers you must agree to the terms of that offer. This is done by putting in your Credit Card Number and actually paying for it. They will usually say something like, "first month only $9.95 and only $19.95 per month after that." So it's not free, but keep reading and I will show you a way to make money online that is Totally Free AND Automated where you REALLY CAN succeed from home!

On some offers with they just want you to pay the Shipping and tell you LATER that there are additional charges. On still others you could end up paying HUNDREDS because you did not read the fine print, cancel in time, and now you're locked into paying for a year!

There is also a serious threat of Identity theft as reported by some.

If you are filling out offers day after day YOU must keep VERY detailed records of all this, but some you WILL forget and end up paying full price. That is what they are hoping for and these companies WILL NOT let you out of it!

ProjectPayday is not what it claims, but to see something that is Free and truly is exactly what it claims be Click Here