Profit Masters / Emerald Passport™

Profit Masters / Emerald Passport™ describes itself as promoting personal growth and wealth.

This is not a new concept, there are SEVERAL companies that are in the motivation and self improvement business, which is basically what MLM is all about. This company has done what several others are doing, making Motivation and Self Improvement THE PRODUCT!

The Profit Masters / Emerald Passport™ is similar to MLM in terms of recruiting, but the way the money is made differs from traditional Network Marketing. Rather than the money funneling up through a downline you create, it goes directly to the person who recruited you.

After you have made your "Qualifying" sales, you are then in a position to profit from the sales of people you have recruited.

Some have described this program as being totally automated, but that is not absolutely the case. You will need to contact your prospects at some point because finding people that will send you $1295 without personal contact is difficult.

After you "qualify" and become a Director, you will need to continue to find prospects and help your people do the same. You can purchase leads, set up a website and autoresponders, or both, so you should be prepared for some expense.

As you progress with Profit Masters / Emerald Passport™ you will need to attend the various events sponsored by the company. These events are usually held in great vacation locations at a cost of thousands. The cost to attend increases as you move higher in the program, so motivation and a continual source of prospects is vital.

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