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The profit masters offers very little support once you become a director. This generally means passing up your first two sales.

It all sounds easy to follow and do and they say that 98% of the work is done for you. No phone call, noselling, no presentations as its a fully automated system that does all that for you and people simply register on line. The truth is, that is untrue. Live Follow -up is required and lead generation is very expensive, either buying leads from lead vendors or using adwords etc. etc.. The truth is it is not easy to set up the atuo responders system for follow up. I found it to be very hard to follow and never was able to do it. Support is very poor. I used the computer alot and found it very confusing. The 2% required to be successful is very laborious and expensive. Lead generation is very expensive. This system is not simple.

Larry Doyle

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