Profit Lance

Profit Lance by Michael Andrews has been around for sometime now and you're about to find out if it is worth your Time!

There are A LOT of these Affiliate How-To programs that tell you "I'll show you how to make between $200 - whatever, in record time." ALL of the tell how they were dead broke, with no computer experience, and because of some miraculous discovery, now they are rich!

They all put popular Magazine covers on their websites, apparently in an attempt to make you think that their program was featured in those magazines. It wasn't!

Promising "boatloads of cash," Profit Lance speaks of making money "with your ideas at will." Which translates into Information Marketing. You write about topics that you can offer some expertise on or appear to offer expertise on.

I have been doing Information Marketing for years, so it certainly is not new. It is a good thing to know more about how to do this, but Michael Andrews DID NOT pioneer this. It can't hurt to know more about marketing on the internet, but the #1 question I have gotten for years is, WHAT do I market?

What Profit Lance is offering IS NOT as simple and easy as Michael Andrews' website wants you to believe. The MAIN thing that you would market to make any money with Profit Lance is to market PROFIT LANCE. It's is the same old affiliate nonsense and it has been done to death!

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