ProcessAtHome / Angel Stevens created by Angel Stevens or should I say copied by here, from all the others, who are copying all the others. Is it real?

Process Rebate opportunities put a different twist on Affiliate Marketing through ClickBank by offering a "Rebate" to anyone who is willing to buy something from you and join that Affiliate Program through you.

Update: As I have been saying all along, Angel Stevens is Not Even a Real Person. She is an Actress and that is a FAKE NAME.I've been telling people that for a long time, but now, on 3\\6\\09 on ABC's 20\\20 they exposed the WHOLE THING AS A SCAM. I hate to say I told you so!

In theory, sounds like a clever idea, but the reality of it is much different. All you're really doing is with ProcessatHome is marketing the same affiliate products as all the others, but you are offering a "rebate" to buy it through you and they are NOT.

All this is about is "splitting" your Affiliate Commission with others.

Now because a person bought the material through your link they get, from you, about a 40% "rebate" leaving you with around $15. Provided that they also become an Affiliate under you. And you are supposed to continue to compete against those who are not giving a rebate. How are you going to swing that? You're in this to MAKE money, right?

In this scenario you can even end up LOSING Hundreds because IF you ACTUALLY make a sale, you are giving a lot of the money to the person who bought from you. Now you have spent money for advertising and you are giving away a large chunk of your commission.


Also, ClickBank, the credit card processor for these programs, only pays you twice a month. While you are waiting for your money from them, you have already SENT almost half the money (that you haven't even received from ClickBank yet) to someone else.

Guess what? They can cancel the sale, keep your money, and request a refund. Then you don't get anything from ClickBank, you're Double Screwed!

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