Pro U & Automatic Millionaire

Pro U and Automatic Millionaire program founded by David Bach seems to be developing some momentum, but you are about to find out if it is REALLY for you. ALL of this information you NEED to know.

One of the main players that has now partnered with Pro U is Jay Kubassek of Carbon Copy fame. Mr Kubassek started his original program years ago and has many devotees. At that point, and for a long time, he was partnered with a company called Wealth Masters International. This company was a "self improvement" high ticket program that you had to join, in addition to Carbon Copy.

Now, for reasons unknown, Kubassek has severed with WMI and is now pointing folks into Pro U, which is also a high ticket "self-improvement program" that like Wealth Masters, is a high ticket program and I mean HIGH!

David Bach is the driving force behind Pro U and is a very accomplished individual that is integrally involved in all aspects of this program, especially the training.

This income component of ProU is called the Automatic Millionaire, which as mentioned, is a personal finance subscription program. Incidentally, it seems that MOST of the high ticket programs like Pro U, are of course, centered around "training." Specifically, how to make a lot of money and you better have A LOT of money going in.

Pro U 's singular purpose is to sell Automatic Millionaire and as Kubassek's first program sold Wealth Masters, Pro U SEEMS to have no direct relationship with Automatic Millionaire.

Now for the Pro U opportunity: This is absolutely the REAL definition of a High Ticket Program and that is a colossal understatement!

There are several levels to Automatic Millionaire, that to me anyway, doesn't seem to be to "automatic." Not that it isn't valuable, just not "automatic."

The membership levels are as follows:

Foundation for $495/Yr. This includes various benefitsthat include and various financial "protection" programslike "ID patrol."

Silver - $1985 Which includes more training, with manuals, CD's and such. As said previously, Most of the training is basically headed up by David Bach.

Now the costs start to ESCALATE!

Gold - $7,995 or a discounted $7990 if combined with the Silver. This includes even MORE training and access to a 2 day seminar(you pay airfare, hotel, and food on top of that), and various other up sells. The seminar thing is reminiscent of programs such as Liberty League and many others.

Platinum - $9,995 and only $16,990 if you include Silver and Gold. With a 3 day summit and MORE training.

Black - $27,995 and if you include all of the previous levels, a mere $39,980. This includes, of course, MORE training and various other benefits.

There is a "credit" system that determines the percentage that you will make if someone joins whatever level/levels.

Now you know the deal. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is the bottom line. The deal with these high ticket programs typically are focused predominantly on getting people to come and look at it.

The funny thing about these programs is that they teach you how to get traffic, but it seems like the big players don't use the methods they teach, so be prepared to spend a lot on advertising too. It only makes sense that you would do what they do, to get close to their same results

That being said, if you think you can hang with this, I am sure that it is good training, training, and more training. I definitely am not calling this a scam, but when it comes down to it, it IS all about ADVERTISING.

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