Prepaid Legal

Prepaid Legal Services, based in Ada, OK, founded by Harland Stonecipher, and Traded on the NYSE. Providing affordable legal service to middle America, Justice For All!

This all sounds very impressive, and on the surface it is. A great downhome idea that hit the BIGTIME! For some, really Bigtime!

I initially got involved for the same reasons you are thinking about it. A great product idea, a chance to really make a positive difference in peoples lives, and a chance to participate in the enormous amount of money being paid for legal services. That is powerful stuff!

There is a lot more competition now and that needs to be taken into consideration when considering the Business Opportunity aspect. Other companies, upon seeing the success of PPLSI have also gotten into this game. In my opinion, none of them offer services that can really compete at such a reasonable price.

With the increased complexity of everyday living and the sue happy society that we live in having access to attorneys has become a necessity. At the very minimum, it is a good idea to be a member of this program.

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